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What can I do with EmEx 3?

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  • Search for new contacts which you can use in your business!

    To develop your business you need new relations. You won't develop without multiplying the number of potential clients constantly.

    « I know where my potential clients are. These are forums and blogs of a certain subject area. We have a lot of employees who are constantly gathering contact, ICQ , Skype, telephone and fax numbers there. Formerly we used other solutions as an assisting tool, but with EmEx 3 we considerably increased work efficiency. New filtering and optimization mechanisms decreased the network traffic load whereas the results significantly improved. »

  • Gather and catalogue information of any type from Internet pages.

    « We have been official EmEx 3 beta testers for more than half a year. At present we've tried a new scheme of non standard templates and got amazed – with EmEx 3 any information you can see on web pages can be put in order! We can search for forums of a certain type, guest books, gather contacts from non public areas, search for links on rapidshare, letbit, megaupload by keywords using search engines, etc. All these things are only the tip of the iceberg... »
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EmEx 3 in details:


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EmEx 3 is a tool mainly aimed at providing to a user absolutely any necessary information from the Internet. Links, archives, contacts, phone and fax numbers, ICQ/Skype/MSN account numbers... - any public data available

As the list of EmEx 3 advantages is too long we will mention only most important of them:

  • Multi language interface in Microsoft Ribbon style;
  • Data search in different sources including search engines;
  • Support of more than 150 search engines (including Yahoo, Google, MSN);
  • Simplified HTTP authorization on such websites as web forums or paid services;
  • Distribution of download flows by domains;
  • Search restrictions: by country, domain, document code page;
  • Customizable list of exceptions;
  • Black and white lists;
  • List of ignored domains;
  • Filter by keywords with support of logical expressions;
  • Anti-flood filter to regulate load on scanned websites;
  • Bandwidth limitation scheduler;
  • Proxy support;
  • Masking by User-Agent;
  • Filters by MIME-types of the scanned document;
  • Mechanism of dynamic content replacement;
  • Mode of multi thread scanning which enables to process up to 100 documents at once;
  • Internet channel load limit;
  • Frequently updated script schemes for information recognition;
  • An ability to form non standard search templates without updating the application*.

  • And even more!
    We do not simply give you a tool, we enhance it every day and thus help you to solve your tasks!