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How can you find 23 new contacts for two hours for $100 and get 7 new deals with $4700 profit?

  • May be look for essential in blogs, forums and other communities?
    Yes, it’s good idea, you will find something suitable for your business after a couple weeks.

  • Or may be visit subject exhibition or conference?
    It’s good idea to, just keep 2-3 thousands bucks for this action. Flights and hotels are so expensive now…

  • Buy Google Adwords advertising?
    A hundred bucks per month and one deal as a result.

But there is better way – to use popular communication channels competently:  phone, fax, ICQ, Skype, twitter, facebook.

  • To use them effectively, it’s necessary to find them. How to do it? Let’s listen EmEx users.

7 new deals for 2 days and about 5000 dollars profit – it’s incredible! My standard stats – one deal per week brings me 2000-3000 dollars profit per month. I sell uncommon home ventilation systems, I look for clients through telemarketing usually, and I communicate with clients through phone or e-mail at the first stage of conversations.

I knew about EmEx accidentally and I subscribed to this service for a months. Than I used a keywords search facility (using my subject keywords) to find some phone numbers in my state. I harvested about 100 phone numbers in my first time.

It was interesting to try and I had telemarketing with this numbers. Some numbers were dead, sometime voice mails answered me. But I have a new contact for about 20% of my calls. And some persons were really interested in my offer!

I made 3 deals this day and I had 4 feedbacks next day. These feedbacks became new orders too. I think it was my the most successful sales!

I have one-year EmEx subscription now (it’s more profitable than month-based subscription) and harvest new phones for my customers base regularly.

Gregory Berow, commercial agent.

Of course, in Gregory’s case it’s possible to use free yellow-pages for searching of essential phone numbers. But there are only official business contacts, the numbers of CEOs (and CEOs are always out of office), secretaries numbers (they always forget to inform CEOs about your call) and terrible voice mails.

EmEx finds business contacts by adjusted keywords – there are direct contacts of essential persons from public open sources: blogs, forums, communities. You can use this information reasonably and advantageously!

Read users testimonials about their experience with EmEx3. There are great illustrations that EmEx can assist you in any activities!



Sell unusual things

I’m engaded in knitting and crocheting and I like it. I sell my works out through Ebay and other e-shops sometime. I founded EmEx accidentally during web-surfing. I had an idea to collect emails with my keywords from my customers list (on eBay) and send messages with the examples of my works. Just to try an alternate promotion for my hobby.

I created small distribution list, it was smaller 100 emails. I was amazed couse I had 9 feedback requests after distribution. I had such requests number on Ebay for 2-3 months usually. It’s really amazing. My hobby has a new life now.

NOTE: Karen used own web resource to organize they contact list. Of course, all of those subscribers must to follow opt-in signup and all emails must to be personal.

Karen Sherburne

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Find a necessary thing and buy it advantageously!

I’m antiquary and I own a small business. My specialization is furniture and household goods of beginning of the twentieth century. It’s very important factor in my work to find interesting items for the further reconstruction and selling. As I see, it’s really to find many interesting things for a best price asking persons who don’t involved into antiquarian business and who owns such items at home.

I collected emails with EmEx3 (my base had 214 emails) and made a email distribution. It brought me four essential contacts and two deals later. I bought excellent armchair and escritoire.I have already sold the escritoire and this deal compensated me all costs for these purchases, restoration and it brought me more 300 bucks profit less than for one week.

The EmEx 3 product was a very important part of this chain. I’m not only save my time and money, but also earned a living.

Oliver Tresler

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Make a funny flashmob

My girlfriend took part in a local beauty pageant. I want her winning. I touted for her on boards, blogs and communities. Also I tried to make a small newsletter distribution. I used EmEx subscription, collect local emails and sent out about 300 messages asking to vote for my girlfriend.

Unfortunately she didn’t win and took the third place only. However I got more 100 answers from my newsletter and people voted my girlfriend. It was funny experience.

And the main point - Susy loves me ;)

John Leisering

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Easy finding of nonpublic things

I’m photographer and I’m working in nude-art. It’s difficult to find models for my works sometime. I look for the through special web-sites or special agencies usually. There is a problem with a selection.

I have already used email distribution for my searching. I sent messages with my offer to shoot a model for some money or for portfolio. However the untargeted emails don’t bring any sufficient result.

So, I tried to collect emails using EmEx custom search template option. I had 16 new contacts with potentially models right after my distribution through EmEx’s addresses.

I think that I solved my problem for a long time.

NOTE. You DO NOT MUST to use any mail bomber or any other mass mail application. Personal emails only.

Bradley H.

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