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Current version is 3.20.2188
3 October, 2023

Search engines in list: 176


EmEx 3 - your personal multi-purpose search solution

EmEx 3 automates the process of collecting information from one or many Web sites, allowing to extract and organize useful bits of information...

EmEx 3 works with Windows 8/10/11 and has 32 bit and 64 bit editions!

EmEx 3 features:

  • EmEx 3 can process JScript encrypted documents!
  • Support Unicode. EmEx 3 can search any kind of information in any language.
  • EmEx 3 searching mode with customizable targeted filters brings (provides) excellent results
  • Collecting any type of business contact information
  • Easy search for links to most popular file exchange servers(including rapidshare, letbit, depositfiles, megaupload) by user defined keywords
  • Support a keyword search mode using 176 search engines worldwide (including Google, Bing, Yahoo)!
  • easy-to-use interface and handy settings!
  • incredibly rapid tool: collect more than 5000 records per session!
  • Multilingual User Interface: English, Bulgarian, Czech, Dutch, Italian, French, Hungarian, Latvian, Lithuanian, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Turkish, Arabic, Chinese Simplified, Korean, Thai

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EmEx 3 helps YOU

Personal and Business usage...

Find 23 new business contacts for two hours and get 7 new deals with $4700 profit. Is it really?

Review EmEx 3 users testimonials and read our "how-to-use" examples.

How it works

Nothing complicated!

Just look through "step-by-step" illustrated guide and learn how to:

  • backup your address book based on the web (guest book, blog comments...)
  • create phone/fax number database or ICQ/MSN/Skype UINs base
  • search for RapidShare links in 3 mouse click and always got perfect results!

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